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Therapy Nest

Therapy Nest


TherapyNest is a user-friendly website designed to simplify the process of finding and booking therapy sessions. With tailored therapist recommendations and seamless appointment scheduling, users can access mental health support efficiently and effectively.


Personal Project

My Role:

Product Designer



Service Provided:

Web Design, Product Design

The Problem

The problem at hand involves the difficulty individuals face in efficiently finding therapists who align with their needs and preferences. Current methods often lack efficiency and personalization, resulting in delays and frustration for those seeking mental health support.

The Hypothesis

Implementing TherapyNest will lead to a significant reduction in the time and effort required for individuals to find and book therapy sessions, resulting in increased accessibility to mental health support and improved overall satisfaction with the process.

The Research Objective

Our objective is to comprehend the challenges and pain points experienced by users seeking therapy online. This understanding will serve as the foundation for identifying opportunities to enhance the user experience and provide them with the necessary tools to improve mental health

The Execution

We conducted five user interviews with individuals who either currently utilize or express an interest in Therapy. The interviews were meticulously structured, comprising a minimum of eight open-ended questions designed to delve into the frustrations experienced by the users.

A selection of queries posed to the individuals we interviewed:

  • What, if any, factors have prevented you from seeking therapy in the past?

  • If you were to consider therapy, what type of support or information would you need to take that step?

  • What key information about therapists (e.g., qualifications, specialties, fees) did you find missing or insufficient on the platforms you used?

User Research Takeaways

Our user research unveiled key barriers hindering individuals from utilizing websites for therapy. Affordability and time constraints emerged as primary concerns, alongside the stigma surrounding therapy. Finding the right therapist was challenging, often involving trial and error. Addressing these barriers is essential for improving accessibility and user engagement on TherapyNest.

The User

We employed a user persona to gain a deeper understanding of the insights gathered from our research and interviews. This tool facilitates an exploration of the user's thoughts and actions, enabling us to pinpoint their pain points and subsequently strategize solutions.

The Journey

Through our research, we discovered that users encounter challenges in finding suitable therapists due to a lack of information and difficulty in navigating the process efficiently. In response, our goal is to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) focused on optimizing the user experience. This MVP will streamline therapist matching, provide comprehensive therapist profiles, and offer easy appointment scheduling functionalities. By prioritizing these key features and ensuring simplicity in the user journey, our design aims to effectively address the primary pain points identified during our research.

Lo-Fi Design / Feedback

Utilizing the data gathered from surveys and interviews, we commenced the ideation process by crafting low-fidelity wireframes. The homepage design underwent numerous iterations, with extensive deliberations to determine the optimal layout that is both attractive, transparent, and instills a sense of safety for users seeking therapists.

We received critical feedback indicating that users often feel overwhelmed when presented with excessive information on their screens or confronted with too many questions. In response to this input, we revised the questionnaire section to display one question at a time and minimize the number of questions asked while still ensuring the delivery of an optimal list of therapists for the user.

Hi-Fi Design / Solution

Introducing TherapyNest, an aesthetically pleasing website meticulously crafted to streamline the process of finding and booking therapy sessions. With intuitive therapist matching algorithms and user-friendly appointment scheduling features, TherapyNest aims to revolutionize mental health care accessibility by providing users with personalized support and guidance tailored to their individual needs and preferences.


TherapyNest proved to be a particularly intriguing case study, as our research revealed unexpected insights about our target users, prompting us to adjust our direction accordingly. Overall, this project was both enlightening and enjoyable. Moving forward, potential enhancements may include the incorporation of a section dedicated to offering general mental health tips and self-help techniques.