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Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue


Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing and rehoming neglected or abused beagles in the Tampa area. The primary objective in redesigning the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue website was to improve the presentation and efficiency of their adoption process.


Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

My Role:

Product Designer



Service Provided:

Web Design, Product Design

The Problem

Individuals have the opportunity to adopt beagles from their website; however, the adoption process lacks clarity, featuring only a single, inadequately constructed call to action. Furthermore, the webpage exhibits inconsistencies in organization, and the navigation system is non-responsive.

The Hypothesis

Through our redesign of TBBR, we anticipate an enhanced user experience in several key aspects: facilitating a more straightforward process for fostering/adopting a beagle, improving the accessibility of call-to-action elements, and significantly enhancing overall website navigability.

Two screenshots of the website home page
Two screenshots of the website home page

The Research Objective

Our objective is to comprehend the challenges and pain points encountered by users seeking to adopt a beagle on the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue's website. This understanding will serve as a foundation for identifying and implementing improvements to enhance their overall user experience.

The Execution

In our user research phase, each of us conducted nine interviews. Throughout these interviews, we inquired about the criteria individuals consider when selecting an animal adoption agency to welcome a new member into their family.

A selection of queries posed to the individuals we interviewed:

  • What information should a non-profit adoption agency display on their website?

  • Do testimonials being displayed on a shelters website matter to you? Why or Why not?

  • When choosing a dog to adopt does knowing more about their background affect your decision making?

A Macbook pro mockup of the about us page

User Research Takeaways

Throughout the conducted interviews, we observed recurrent themes raised by the interviewees, including medical history and testimonials. Utilizing this data, we integrated these crucial features into our design. This process not only afforded us a comprehensive understanding of our user base but also facilitated the creation of a user persona.

The User

We employed a user persona to gain a deeper understanding of the insights gathered from our research and interviews. This tool facilitates an exploration of the user's thoughts and actions, enabling us to pinpoint their pain points and subsequently strategize solutions.

The Current State of The Website / The Journey

Through our research, we discerned that users encountered challenges in navigating the adoption process and perceived a lack of trustworthiness in the current state of the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue website. In response, our objective was to formulate a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) focusing on a specific user journey. This MVP was designed to provide users with an enhanced adoption process and a trustworthy website. By streamlining our user journey and prioritizing these pivotal features, our design sought to systematically address the primary pain points identified during our research.

Lo-fi Design / Feedback

Utilizing the data collected from surveys and interviews, we initiated the ideation process by developing low-fidelity wireframes. Each team member independently conceptualized their vision for the TBBR homepage, drawing insights from our user interview data. Subsequently, as a collective, we collaboratively converged on a unified wireframe that combines key elements from each individual design.

Critical feedback was received during the testing of our wireframes, where users indicated that the layout of the mission statement section was challenging to follow and read. In response to this input, we made necessary adjustments to enhance the design.

Hi-Fi Design / Solution

Introducing Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue—an enhanced design meticulously crafted for both visual appeal and optimal functionality, aimed at facilitating a seamless adoption process for users. This ensures that potential adopters can place their trust in Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, thereby contributing to an overall improvement in the non-profits adoption rates.

A screenshot of the our staff page


We initially grasped the substantial time and effort involved in reconstructing a single user path. Throughout the entirety of this project, we encountered challenges associated with feature overload, endeavoring to discern which features were indispensable.

While the concept of working from a "barebones" website was theoretically advantageous, it posed challenges in terms of establishing a clear direction. The diverse approaches available for crafting the user path required careful consideration, and we take pride in the collaborative effort that resulted in the work accomplished over the course of three weeks.